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Hot Girls That Strip LIVE On Your Desktop!

Desktop Strippers are a sexy new way to spice up your Desktop! Our FREE Desktop Stripper software allows you to choose from over 900 different strippers, in various settings, to strip on your Desktop while you surf the web or simply sit back and enjoy. Our desktop strippers dance with a transparent background, meaning they hover over any screen that is active on your monitor. Along with the option of having a private dance, you can also choose from the various stripper screensavers, and even a new full screen mode that allows you to select a Gentleman's Club atmosphere with the girl(s) of your choice!

Interactive Strippers

Our desktop stripper software is continuously improving, adding new functionalities to an already feature rich environment, to enhance the user experience even further.

Browse our entire lineup of over 900 individual strippers, most of whom have between 5-20 different strip shows, and add as many strippers as you would like to your screen(s) simultaneously. It is easy to manage them all through our user experience.

Strip Club Experience

Our software offers the full strip club experience. In addition to having individual girls strip on various places while you do other things on your computer, you can also choose your own Gentlemen's Club atmosphere and fill it with many strippers at once to give you the full experience!

We also offer screensavers and various other ways for you to enjoy our software and adjust it to your preferences!

Top Strippers:

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Over 900 strippers to choose from

900+ Beautiful strippers

Our software has over 900 individual strippers to choose from. We take pride when scouting for our models and you will be amazed at just how beautiful and sensual they are while removing their clothes for your own personal enjoyment! Additionally, the majority of our strippers have MANY different scenes available. Giving you access to literally THOUSANDS of individual strip shows!

Our strip shows are recorded in full udh 4k

UHD 4k Content

The vast majority of our content has been filmed in UHD 4k and offered with 720p, 1080p, and 4k which will guarantee you the best quality for your device! Our production chain is second to none and we optimize the content during each production step, ensuring that we deliver our desktop stripper users with the more exceptional brightness and sharpness. The closest you can get to in person strippers!

Software specifications for our desktop stripper software

Desktop Software Specs

License: Free Software
Version: 1.2.534
File size: 97 Mb
Last update September 4, 2023
Compatible: Windows (from XP SP3 to 10) & MAC OS X (10.7 and later)
No adware, no spyware, no virus.

Easy to uninstall from:
Start > Programs > iStripper> Uninstall.